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New Story in Foreign Policy
dana ullman
Jun 9, 2019
Excited to share a piece I wrote and photograph in Lamu, an extraordinary place and community, off the coast of Kenya at risk for irreparable change. Despite the world turning away from coal, China is investing in emerging coal markets around the world. Please read to know more about the realities of fossil fuels in 2019 and the work locals are doing to protect their livelihoods and environment. A thousand thanks to all those at Foreign Policy - it takes a village.
     When Coal Comes to Paradise
         As China pushes clean energy policies at home, it is exporting its high-pollution coal industry to pristine places like Kenya’s Lamu Island—with Nairobi’s seal of…


Dana Ullman is an international photographer and writer based in New York's Hudson Valley and Ærø, Denmark. Her work explores the intersection of labor, agriculture and human rights globally, with a particular focus on North America, Scandinavia, and East Africa.
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